Last stop…all aboard to Tekapo 

Well the ride to Tekapo was very cold because the bus had no heat the whole 4 hrs. I was so thankful for the sun cause that was the only thing that was keeping me slightly warm. Once we arrived we ate at this cute cafe and relaxed for a minute before we had to walk 15 mins with all our lugagge to our hostel. We were the only ones there for awhile until later 2 couples arrived but it was still really empty which was so nice. We tried to go ice skating but the time we tired they had a hockey game going on. So we took advantage of the fireplace in the hostel and made smoores which were delicious. 😊 We got too cozy to go out and look at the stars because Tekapo is known for the dark sky so there stars are really bright and pretty. So we stayed in and just hung out and listened to music. The next day we walk the whole of Tekapo… Only 30 mins. We went to the famous church and dog statue. Then we admired the beauty of Tekapo and hopped on the bus to make our journey back to the good ole north island! 


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