South Island….series of fortunate and unfortunate events continued….

Abel Tasman 

Abel Tasman is a tourist attraction that takes you on a boat ride and a hike on the island. So that is exactly what we did. We were on an hour and a half boat ride which was very cold. Thought my feet were no longer attached to my body. We saw the most photograph rock in NZ and another seal colony. Once we got off the boat we begin our hike which was quickly an up hill battle and NZ hikes ALWAYS have stairs but it got better and leveled off. We quickly realized that we would be stuck on the island a lot longer then the hike itself. So we tried to take our time and we stopped to eat lunch at this nice picnic like area. However, we still had 2hrs to wait for the boat to come back. Slightly started to feel like the characters on Lost. Lol well bordem settled in after 30 mins and I started climbing on rocks just to see how far I could get and if I could get to this big rock. I did mention we got bored lol. We were finally rescued aka picked up promptly. After Abel Tasman our next stop was Fox Glacier. 


NZ symbol for many sports teams and hopefully their new flag

 Fox Glacier 

The drive to fox glacier or how the people down there say it (glas-EE-ah). The drive was Sooo long we all drove about 2 hrs each before we finally got to our hostel. The man was slightly obnixious when we checked in and out. We went to the cafe for breakfast and to the only grocery store for some more deli meat which they didn’t have. Our tour wasn’t until 2pm so we went to the next town to find something to do. We went in two churches I prayed and thanked God in the second one, then took a very short hike. We thought about seeing real kiwis (the bird)  but it wasn’t worth the price for the tour. We headed back to fox glacier for the tour we never made it too cause half way there, we had a car accident. Honestly just a strange freak accident but after we realized we were safe and sound cause of the grace of God and with the  great NZ citizen Curt we figured out car stuff. And the next day we got on a bus to queenstown. The bus ride was long and unnecessary. We spent almost an hour at 2 cafes “cause we were ahead of schedule” and a 15min stop at a market. And a 10min stop for scenery. We were like did we book a scenic bus or something smh. So our 7 hr bus ride should have taken 4 or 5. We were a lot better besides me and my swollen wrist which I will get to later. We thought queenstown will provide answers about car and enjoy the rest of our trip. 


st james church

We arrive in queenstown and go to the car rental people the lady was rude and cost us a lot of money. Our hostel atmosphere was really great and they fed us free food which was awesome. They were showing lord of the rings the twin towers (my fav) on VHS lol yes VHS. We go cozy and watched it with several other backpackers. We had one more stressful day of car business and with “encouragement” (yelling) of my mother and god mother to go get my wrist checked out. I listened and found that I really had hurt myself and fractured my wrist. Yay me😒. We treated ourselves with the cookie bar which is amazing!!! A must go if ever in queenstown NZ. Another wonderful quote from Katie “this is what I imagine haven is like” lol AMAZING.  

danielle whipping the cookie car
 We took a mini boat tour that our tour guide Geoff told us about the goats and the cows and how only 20 people live on the particular mountain side area. We saw where king Will and Kate vacation house in queenstown is and how one side of the mountain the houses get no sun all winter unlike across the lake. We drank the purest water… It was good and I’m picky about water. However, all NZ water is so much better then at home. After the boat tour we walked around and read weird memorials for people. Like there was a memorials for the people who journeyed to queenstown but never made it cause they “succumbed to the wrath of human nature” like what the hell. Other memorials about women achievements in queenstown. 

The last day in queenstown we did the infamous queenstown hill track. Aka another hike. Before the hike Katie and Danielle Bungy jumped for the first time I was excited to watch. Before they jumped they were super nervous and the gondola ride up didn’t help but after they did it they were happy and relieved.   

   Before we tortured our bodies again with the hike we went and looked at this cute art gallery. Which one artist was obsessed with breast. So before we even get to the track we walk up a 45 degree hill then walk up several steps through trees and then walk up another hill. Then we began the hike which was on an incline the Whole way until we got to the top. Katie almost gave up but these kind gentlemen gave us the courage to keep going. Of course it was super pretty up there and we got to see a little snow on top. 

   Must go food places in queenstown The Cookie Bar and Missy fergs, fergs bakery and Fergs burger. All a must go. We also met a random American backpacking NZ  named Miranda from Minnesota. She was cool we swapped NZ  stories she told about Aussie and sold us on Fiji. Yay Fiji. Well after 3 days in queenstown we were on the good ole nakedbus to Tekapo our last stop. 


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