I’ve been home for a couple of weeks now and I realized I didn’t do a closing blog. New Zealand was awesome and I absolutely can’t wait to return back to my kiwis. The other day I was craving potato wedges will sweet chill sauce and sour cream. Yummm. I miss my flatmates shout to Sarah , Hannah, Joanna and Caitlin hope second semester goes well guys. My trip back home was very long especially since they changed my flight last minute and I had an extra 7 hrs layover smh. I was happy to hang with my sister in LA and was glad to see my mom after 4 1/2 months of looking at her through a screen. Jet lag traveling back in time is no joke I slept for like a week and half. Did I really mind no I like sleep haha. I’ve had fun being home and returning to a culture that I am use to. Returning is so bittersweet. But I have seen a whole country, buggy jumped, hiked 8hrs, seen so many beautiful places, been in a waterfall, been in ocean that was so clear, hung out with llamas, and hiked hiked and hiked some more. Thanks to all my supporters 😀😁  


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