Day 5 tongairoro crossing 

okay so tongairoro crossing was the most beautiful scenery but very difficult physically and mentally for me. Tongairoro is a major (7 to 8 hrs) hike up a mountain. Before I got to NZ I said I wanted to get on top on a mountain but not climb it and Tongairoro is exactly why I didn’t want to climb a mountain. We started the hike at about 8:15am and finish 3:50pm. The beginning of the hike the weather was cold….(I hate the cold) by the end of the hike it got quite warm.   

       So during this hike I climb a gallizon stairs called the Devils staircase. 

 Then I climbed the mountain on my hands and knees in snow praying I didn’t slide off the mountain. I slid down the mountain in loose dirt. NOT WALKED BUT SLID down it.  Used chains to get around the side of the mountain. Plus the last 3 hours felt like it never ended of a down hill and windy road through tall grass, the woods and a gallizon steps. I was so glad when we reached end. The part that had be questioning these people was after we reached the top and started to go down and around the mountain there is a sign that said “IF THIS IS FLASHING RED (volcanic warning signal) PLEASE TURN AROUND AND QUICKLY RETURN TO THE OTHER END” NIGGA WHAT?! We just walked 5 hours to get here and you want us to turn back if this is flashing!!! How do u expect people to climb up the part that had loose dirt and have no traction. Like yall better send a helicopter to come get me haha. No Bueno! However I successful   Made it through and took really pretty pictures. However I will never do a hike longer then 4 hours ever again! 


Accommodation in taupo 

We stayed at the urban retreat backer packers 

Pros: nice TV room area. Good warm comforter. Kitchen and laundry room area. Free area for Internet use. 

Cons: hanicapp room really small look liked it use to be storage space that they turn into a room. Bathroom set up was intended so people with wheel chair could just roll into the bathroom however the problem occurred when you took a shower water was everywhere and so if you needed to use the bathroom which was in the same room as the shower possibly could slip. Lots of flys in the bathroom/ room. Yuck! Had to Pay to store our bags. 

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