Hobbiton Day 4 

So Wednesday April 15, 2015 was my favorite day of the trip we got to go to the HOBBITON. For people who do not know NZ is the home of the lord of rings and the hobbit movies. The hobbiton is the movie set location that they made into a tourist destination. After the hour drive from roturoa we arrived on a farm surrounded by sheep. Our driver “bro” says Kia Ora and tells us we have 10 minutes to go to the shop and hop back on the bus to actually start our tour.  

 Our tour guide was great he was from the UK. He told us lots of fun facts like there are 44 hobbit holes. The beginning of the tour was where in lord of the rings (fellowship) gandoff arrives in his carriage and frodo hops on the wagon. At the end of the tour was where bilbo in lord of the rings (fellowship) birthday party was located and bilbo disappeared with the ring for the first time. He told us that for hobbits where a hobbit house was located determined your status in the village. Since bilbo was that the top he was rich. The tree we saw above the hobbit house was a fake tree that people glued by hand each leaf. Woooo that must have been time consuming.  

  There was a garden near the beginning that was a real garden. I’m not sure what that do with the vegetables though. During the making of the movie there where really loud annoying frogs that they had to remove. The hobbiton was just so geogeous with the green rolling hills and the nice colors of the hobbit houses.The day was beautiful and nice we beat the rain for the second time on our north island trip.  

  We ended at the greendragon pub. Where we got one free drink. I got ginger beer and bought a meat ale pie. It was so good. The hobbiton made me feel like I could be gandoff and sit on a bench and make smoke rings hahah. Love it!!! 



In roturoa we stayed at the base I’m not sure if there were any pros to this place. We all didn’t like this place. 

Pros: we got a place to sleep. Water pressure was good.  If purchased internet it was good for one full day. Kitchen and laundry areas. 

Cons: very cold and damp. Some windows were broken so couldn’t shut them. In a room with 4 more people besides the six of us. (Really not that bad though) the shower was like you put yourself in a plastic bubble. Not the cleanest shower. No heater. 

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