NZ adventure time 

hey everyone i wanted to tell you about my last day of the north island trip, 21st birthday and my trip with my flatmates Sarah and Joanna. 


During our north island trip about a month ago now, we entered the capital city of Wellington. Me and Katie thought it was much flatter than hilly Auckland. I really enjoyed the city atmosphere of Wellington with their hipster style and the constant wind blowing in their hair. Wellington reminded me of DC with the historical atmosphere and lots of musuems. While we were there we explored the city a little bit and took a tour of parliament aka the Beehive. We also took a tour of a historical church that is kept in remembrance of WWI soilders. The best part of Wellington was their food and the availablity of free Wifi, they did not disappoint on that. We also went kayaking in the ocean which was fun the Whaf reminded me of the beach lifestyle I would like to have in the future with people skating, biking, walking their dogs and children, people kayaking (Us ), cute restaurants around. It was like a damn Nicolas Sparks seen without the a couple in love haha. The coolest part of Our trip there was the weta tour this was the place that they display lord or the rings and the hobbit and other movie making  pieces. Like the weapons and gear and pretty much anything to bring  movies to life. They even make fake display of movie charcters like semgal. These people are so talented. Overall, I really enjoyed Wellington and If I would stay in NZ I’d prob live in Wellington but idk about it always being windy and at the current moment flooded.  


      21st birthday 

So I now know I can’t handle constant partying and drinking. For my 21st birthday I partied every night  for 3 days. And on Sunday I woke up and busted out a paper that was due at midnight. My NZ lifestyle smh. The festivities started with the gang on thrusday at our fav /not fav on campus bar the Fergs! Since its Auckland, we got a ride to the fergs because of the damn rain. The music as usual was bad remixes with techno. Why u need alcohol because there is no way as a non techno listener u can get into the music haha. I still don’t understand why techno is big here u can’t dance to techno it’s lets jump around and fist pump for 4 hours. 😒 however, As usually me and marigny danced (jumped around )  until it closed at 3am. Night 2 ended up being just me and marigny we went to dinner in the city which was nice the seafood was so good yumm. Then we were killing time and went to sky city and it really is beautiful up there. NZ is just beautiful in general though. Then we went to the popular club bar 101 which was awesome less techno and more actually music it was great. The down fall to the club was there are two floors and to get to the damn second floor had to climb like a galizon narrow steps to get up there. Not ideal in heels smh. Night three (me and marigny again) was with some new Saudi friends because of another bday celebration we also meet 2 Hispanic girls at the bday party. They were all cool smoked some sheesha, danced and ate some great cake just pretty much had a kick back.  That concluded night three which was a struggle to motivate ourselves to go. 


   Sarah’s house 

Sarah lives in tauranga think I spelled that right. Her family well part of her family  (mom and youngest sister) are so sweet. I think her mom is super adorable. 😀 apparently tauranga is where all the old people retire and people go to for the nude beach ha. Well on Saturday we risked our lives (Sarah, Joanna and I ) to climb off a cliff and Bungy over water. Haha it was scary and awesome. Can’t wait to do it again in queenstown (South Island). Sarah contemplated for awhile before she fully committed but I’m proud of her and Joanna that they were willing to do it with me.  I was the only one who actually touch the water though but still a life thrilling experience. Next stop is to skydive. After we left we went to find free things to do and along the way we ran into Alpacas I was super excited cuz I wanted to take a pic with alpacas before I left and now I have yay 😁. We went to geopools not the mud bath ones but just ones u can look at and smell it. It kind of looks like clay, bubbly clay. Then on Sunday Sarah’s family and us went to the movies to see pitch perfect 2 and then on our way back to Auckland we stop to climb the mount in tauranga which was about an hour hike in total. Again the beauty of NZ never ceases to amaze me. 




Well my next 2 trips are going to the bay island to get to cape reinga which is the furthest north you can get to in NZ and then the South Island and my NZ adventures will be over and I’ll take my exams and go back home 😭😭😭 well got exactly a month left here so I will make it last 😃 til next time ✌🏾️

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