A month is gone in NZ 

Hey everyone life in NZ is still going really great. Well I know I was suppose to tell you about my weekend at my flatmates Sarah’s house well funny story we ended up not even going. We left all packed got 15 minutes away she realized that her left light was out. Here in New Zealand cops don’t give warnings about things like that. Also it was after 5 and in New Zealand everything closes pretty much at 5. It also doesn’t  seem like they have places like autozone. So we thought about it and it was suppose to rain the whole weekend anyways so we decided to go another weekend. 

So because of my friend marigny ( from Louisiana) I made international friends they are pretty cool one Saudi name Eissa (means Jesus in English), 3 Indians like from India not native Americans taarini, Aman, and meenza and a kiwi (New Zealander) named Becky. They all are really awesome Becky loves Americans haha. So last weekend was my favorite in NZ me, marigny,Jesus and taarini took a trip to the waterfall. It was about a 30 minutes hike and I mean HIKE  to waterfall but once we reach it was so pretty and awesome. The water was so cold and we should have bought water shoes because of the rocks. The rocks hurt so much without shoes. After being in the water for a few minutes your body just starts to feel numb. Not even exaggerating. Under the actual waterfall was alittle warmer but not much. But it was still an awesome place. 

After we hiked back to the opening we decided we were going to climb this big rock that was near the beach just because we thought it would be fun. It was fun we were alittle disappointed we couldn’t actually climb to the top. However, this was our warning before we started climbing .

Haha we climbed it anyways and I was able to take some great pics up there 

New Zealand is such a beautiful place to be. After we left here we drove to the city to watch the sunset. I’ve never been on a mountain while the sunsets until last weekend (movie like moment) it was another awesome view and a great way to end our amazing day 

U could actually see the world cricket game going on too. Not that Americans know about cricket or care haha. The best day I’ve ever had. The next day we went to Pacifika which is in south Auckland apparently the “ghetto” side of Auckland. It was nice, I experienced Pacific Islanders culture I bought some earrings that represents new beginnings and I ate an awesome dessert of ice cream in a pineapple with fruit syrup on top I didn’t take a picture I think marigny did hopefully I get that picture to show you it was so good and the dances were great. Here’s one dance i recorded 

Pacifika dance
And this is Maori dance called the haka this happened a couple of weeks ago at school 

Haka Maori
Well that all that’s happened in the last couple of weeks for me. Have an awesome day 😃😃😜😜

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