NZ life 

I’m still having lots of fun in NZ. Sarah is taking me home with her today super excited to be traveling a little bit in NZ. I will tell yall all about it after this weekend. School or uni is chill not such work to be done but a little upset I had to drop a class because according to exchange guidelines I’m not allow to take more then 4 papers smh seems a little silly to me. However, I have all this free time now that I don’t know what what to do with. At home I am always busy I don’t know how to be idle at school. But I’ll figure something out.

Last week was the Chinese lantern festival and that was pretty cool. I wasn’t there for that long though. They had so many Asia foods I think the side we started walking from was Thai didn’t try that I had a bad Thai experience in dc. Then it was Malaysian, Chinese, and some others I don’t recall right now. I don’t remember seeing Japanese. The strange thing I saw was squid on a stick  I don’t think I could willing eat that. But the food I got was good. It was just fried rice chicken and prawns (shrimp) with spring roll. Here they say prawns are bigger shrimp…. They are still small haha. I like the spring roll cuz it was bigger than at home spring rolls, which are always so ity bity. I got a little Chinese hat and the lanterns were really nice. There were a lot people there (from New Zealand ) but still a good experience. Earlier that day I went hiking at park which was nice and beautiful. NZ is all about the environment and very eco friendly so before we were allowed to walk the trail we had to scrub our shoes of some disinfectant to make sure we don’t track anything that could harm the trees. And of course the park was by a beach.

Still liking my flatmates, on international pancake day we all got up to make pancakes and bacon. It was good Sarah has me liking grilled bananas on pancakes now it taste so good. Oh there bacon kinda looks like ham cuz it’s not cut into strips but like deli. Well there cheap bacon looks like that. Cheese is only in blocks here so u have to shrewd it or cut it yourself. They don’t have big bottles of salsa here makes me a little sad. I miss Hispanic food. Asia food is the primary ethic food here which is understand able with the amount of Asians in Auckland. Oh I have not told yall about to the outrageous prices of alcohol here smh. I bought a decent size bottle of absolut NZ $40  and a bottle of grey goose NZ$70 average price of a decent bottle is NZ$25 and up smh. Bottom line don’t buy alcohol in NZ ha.

They are making me try lots of different NZ favorites last night Joanna let me try fresh passion fruit never had anything but passion fruit juice that was good I’ve had squiggles which is good just really different taste then cookies im use to it has real honey comb in it. I’ve had pineapple lumps which taste like tootsie rolls just a little sweeter and chewy. I haven’t had fish and chips yet. I’ve had sushi which was pretty good for a person who doesn’t really eat sushi. I’m suppose to eat these Canterbury eggs eventually, I will eat it I think, I’ve just had a little too much chocolate in 3 weeks. I’ve tasted whittkers chocolate which is good but I don’t usually eat chocolate bars. For all the chocolate lovers NZ for u 😄. Well that’s all folks haha

P.S still haven’t seen sheep

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