Day ….. Yeah not keeping track anymore

So my  flatmates  really are enjoying my blogs hope you are too. They find it very amusing, in a good way. Lets see what to talk about….. On Sunday the school took us on a mini tour around Auckland. New Zealand is just so pretty. water everywhere, hilly landscape, you can just see the rows of houses, the lack of people so nothing is really overcrowded. Its awesome. I saw some people do the sky tower jump, which was cool. Life here is really not that different from home. Caitlin asked if I was home sick and …naw haha.  It might hit me the middle of the semester but I feel like I’ve been in school long enough I don’t really get home sick. As long as I can talk to my mom and friends I’m good. I am a little sad that I am going to miss my bestie Jailyn 21st bday but i’ll be okay we will make up for it later this year. ;). I bought my first legal/ illegal drink wooo haha. I feel a little grown up now. Oh lecture (class) started to day. Only had one today it was 2 hours long and boring can’t wait for my communication lecture (class) tomorrow. Lectures are really long here but its only once a week usually. so I guess that is nice. I’m trying get fit while i’m here. since I don’t have any responsibilities beside uni (school) and having fun. So in between having fun and uni (school) I’m going to workout at least 5 days a week. Oh so crappy things that are happening we don’t have big normal working fridge yet, which is a little frustrating. So its really hard to cook when you can’t keep any meat or anything. So now that we got all the slightly interesting things out of the way I am going to talk about my very adorable and funny flatmates. I know I am going to miss them so much when I leave. They are making my time here awesome! Thanks guys!!! So we are just hanging out hannah is debating to go to lecture or travel 2 hours or sometimes to see this boy. Caitlin pops out and says Should I skip lecture will turn into should I take this bag of meth!! Lmao. like what??!!! They recorded me doing “Bye Felicia” smh and they laugh at the way I pronounce Virginia and Vagina because it sounds like a Frr instead of VAA… eh whatever. New things I have learned is fanny is not a butt but a vagina here and clothes pins/clips are called pigs here. Instead of saying cool they say sweetas. And instead of thank you they say cheers. 

Have an awesome day!! 🙂

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