Day 5

So about me keeping up with my tv shows….. epic fail there are a whole half a season behind. I’m so sad smh but my roommates or flatmates as they are called here are so funny the other night when we were outside for the fire. I forgot why they said this to me but they were like yeah bianca (be-an-ca how they pronounce my name :)) we know you are “INDEPENDENT BLACK WOMAN THAT DON’T NEED NO MO MAN” Omg i busted out laughing. Apparently its off something I don’t think i’ve seen. Guys man it was hilarious. I can’t believe I forgot to mention it last post. The beach was so great it was really calm unlike at home. I could look down and see my feet with no glasses or contacts or anything it was beautiful. also unlike home this beach you could just keep walking very far out and  your feet still touch the ground. I definitely want to go back before it starts to get cold.  The water was cold but still super nice. I didn’t take a pic of the playground there but it was super niffy. I will eventually post the video of the plunger little zip-line there. So I’m definitely going to go zip-lining and either bunging jumping or the sky jump YOLO haha. Oh at the beach I met a lot of the Americans 2 from Colorado, Iowa, Louisiana, Wisconsin and other various us states. So its crazy how influential the US is Caitlin named 43 us states out of 50 some Americans cant even do that. smh actually I know people at my school who can’t do it.  Oh and yesterday Caitlin said and I quote “I look like a cute version of Micheal Jackson with my fro” (MJ when he was younger of course) I think it just because I am black haha. Sarah and bethany disagreed with Caitlin but very funny indeed. So the most annoying part about new Zealand is everything closes early. well McDonald is 24hours but that is it. malls close at 5 except on Thursday where they are open until 9pm. food places close between 4-6pm. I’m not sure if i already mentioned this but they have smaller portions here. so there medium is like our small and our kids meals are like our small. A lot of there food is very carb based so a lot of pasta and rice. Oh their OJ doesn’t taste like OJ. Also they haven’t reach phone plans with unlimited anything yet. Its kind of weird that they are ahead in time but behind in some things but not very behind just maybe a year or two in some things. So there isn’t any dangerous animals here. Australia got all of those. Lots of different types of birds which is cool. I’m also not sure if I mentioned everyone is super friendly.  Apparently they have there own version of jersey shore called Georgie shore lol and Jeremy kyle show is like our maury but less passive aggressive. He is funny cause he just tells the truth to people in an asshole way for example” I know you are going to go home with this piece of shit but you can do better”  very truthful. Some of the girls are excited about the first bachelor show from NZ they have a Bachelor Australia but not NZ until now. Well got to go. Have a awesome day.

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