Day 3/4

Hey hey hey. So to anyone who cares NZ is behind on tv shows so I get to catch up on tv shows I’m missing at home yay me haha. So today was pretty chill day. Went to a “barbecue” which they had sort of mini sausages which was good and then a hamburger but it wasn’t beef I know one was veggie burger the other no clue. After that me and Caitlin and some new girls dale and Katie went to see 50 shades of grey which was decent. The movie theater was super nice like the chairs were so big and comfy. If someone was tired they would have a nice nap. That was fun. Me and my mom talked for like an hour on skype think she secretly missed me hahah. Then cooked after i finished eating someone set the fire alarm off because they were cooking smh. Apparently they will fine you for things like that. A big fine of nz$1000. Wooo. Tomorrow is beach day excited 😊😀. But hoping i can retwist my hair effectively. But that’s kind it for today’s and yesterday’s news tune in for more in a couple of days.

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