Day 2

So I’ve already found out a lot. It’s great here my roommates are really nice too. 3 are nursing majors. So probably won’t see too much of them. So classes start next week. I still have to buy some books and stuff once I know all my classes are good. The nursing student start classes today. A week earlier then everyone. So interesting things in NZ is they have an annoying bird called a poukeko I think maybe that’s how u spell it not sure. But it eats everything including other birds but it’s really pretty. I’ll try and snatch a picture of one. And another thing is they don’t have turkeys here only pork,beef,lamb and chicken. No thanksgiving for them! They eat a lot of chicken. And they are particular about if the chicken is caged or free-range bird. Free-range bird is better apparently. I’m American I think most of are birds are caged poor birds. Oh they eat a lot of eggs and beans. Oooohhh my roommates names are Hannah, Sarah, Joanna, and catlin. Sarah and Joanna said they can go through a pack of 32 eggs in about a week or two. I’m a little afraid to try the milk since I had a bad experience in Ghana. But we will see. So New Zealand is a country with lots of farms so many of them grew up eating farm based substances. Sarah says that she doesn’t like Auckland because they’re too many people. Auckland to me might have the same amount of people in Richmond,VA. I’m in Albany which is like 40 to 45 minutes away from the city. It’s quiet but not too quiet that mall is right across the street. Some things on the island is expensive. I went to buy the air fresher that u just twist up and shaped sorta like a cone nz$6. The campus is not too big about the size of UNCG but with less buildings. Oh and here at school they don’t have “free internet” or ” free gym”  it’s not included into their tuition. I’m not sure if they go to school for free or not I guess have to ask about that. I think that’s all I’ve learned today. The sun is up now. Hopefully by next week I’ll be able to sleep and wake up on NZ normal hours.

A poukeko 


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