Day 1 New Zealand

So flying for two days was not too bad. However that 11 hour flight was difficult I was glad that I had the aisle seat so I could get up often and walk around but my foot still swelled up but it was all good. The man that sat next me was nice. He was from England however he was a little gross he was digging up his nose like no one was sitting next to him like eeewwww. I was like please don’t touch me haha. Then we landed in Fiji wooo. It was hot and humid like NC in the summer time. I bought a little turtle bracelet and a key chain it is cute. Then got on my last and final plane and I was sitting next to native New Zealanders or kiwis as they are called here. They were very nice people. And they sound more British then anything. It is taking me a minute to understand some words they said. They guy that checked me in the hotel sounded a mix between British English and Australian. My room is nice, outside there is a courtyard and a pond. Apparently my school which is an hour from Auckland is near the beach yay. And I didn’t bring a bathing suit so i will have to purchase one but that is awesome. Oh and the weather here is awesome. It’s like spring time or fall but it awesome y’all know I hate winter and the cold. Apparently Singapore is a popular place to travel here so if can I might see what Singapore is all about. And lastly the time difference is bad I had to try and stay up until 9 here which is 3am home so I wouldn’t wake up at 3 or 4 in the morning but ended up waking up at 530 so not too bad. Well that’s all for yesterday news time to get my life together and eat and wait for the my ride to take me to school.



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