The start of my study abroad experience

So in about 2 weeks I will be getting on a plane to travel across the world not country but World!!! I’m super excited on this opportunity that God has granted me because I know I would not be able to even think about going without God. I really haven’t had any difficulties with any thing I’m about to get my visa soon and I was so thankful for not having to pay for a New Zealand visa fee cuz wooo that 250 was no joke. But God has supplied me with a new dorm at Massey university so I’m excited about that. God has just been oooohhh so good to me and my mom. Just excited about the bigger and greater things he has for us to do for Him. So I was A little disappointed about my suitcases I got from Amazon cuz it was a lot smaller than I was expecting like what am I going to put in theses small bags. Don’t they know I’m a girl haha. Oh and yes my dreads are still a struggle but they are slowly coming and I’m liking them more and more as they continue to lock.

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