Random info about NZ 

So just got back from my awesome north island trip and I will tell u all about that soon but I wanted to first tell you about some random info in NZ. On many doors of businesses and schools you will see the native language of the Maori ppl and it usually says Kia Ora which mean hello or haere Mai which means welcome. Apparently the Maori people have the similar humor has African Americans Aka black ppl, which I found interesting.

Some other info is in public bathrooms here have no soap. Weird right by the end of our trip we were so grateful for soap in a bathroom. Appreciate the little things in life… Like soap. Another thing that was kind of annoying was things in NZ close so early in the little towns of rotorua, taupo and hot water beach you were lucky to find anything open after 6pm. The signs on the door never had a specific time either a lot of them just said open till late. That was frustrating because that is not exact time smh. 

So if you are not from auckland many ppl call aucklanders JAFAs which stand for just another fuckin aucklander. Personally I think auckland ppl are nice friendly ppl. I guess the rest of NZ disagrees. Fun fact about auckland it has 50 volcanoes under it. 😁 

About the schools here apparently most school are still separated by gender.  So I as corrected by my fellow kiwi flatmates that schools are co-Ed and some private schools are separated by gender still though. And I have seen a lot of kids in uniforms too. However, haven’t really seen any school buses. I’m not sure if they have them or not. I guess they take the city bus or parents drive them to school. 

In the city there are quite a few ppl bushing ( people who play the guitar or an instrument for money) not sure if that is what we call it in the states but that was new to me never really seen that except on tv. Other random fact they spell tires with a Y “tyres” 

Well that’s it about my random info of NZ tommorrow I’ll start to talk about the beginning of my awesome north island trip 😃 


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