Find the Soft Life with these Short-Term Rental Tips in Panama City, Panama

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Finding a short-term rental can be quite challenging. We all know the horror stories of booking a place that turns out to be a nightmare, leading to spending more money on a new place or being stuck in a place you hate because you can’t afford to move. It can be frustrating! I still get flashbacks of some short-term rentals that I hated. However, I remind myself that these are all learning experiences.

But let’s exchange horror stories of these places later!

My go-to companies for short-term rentals are and Airbnb. While Airbnb is legal, it has its limitations. This is why your host might tell you not to tell security that you are there looking for your Airbnb place. Panama has a 45-day short-term rental law, which means you need to rent out your place for at least 45 days. However, don’t worry if you are only staying for a week or a few days; you can still find great places to stay.

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Are you a hotel person or do you prefer Airbnb? Let me know in the comments how your preferences have changed since the pandemic.

Personally, I prefer Airbnb or hotels with kitchens, even if I don’t use them. I want the option to cook my own meals.

Finding longer short-term rentals in Panama can be challenging, even though there is a higher demand for them due to the growing digital nomad industry and the trend of slow travel. But where can you find amazing short-term places?

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Below is a list of the top websites to find places with breathtaking views or just convenience: 

  • This website is simple and convenient for digital nomads, families, and vacationers who want a longer stay. The properties here are available for at least 1-month stays or longer, but some of the properties can be a bit on the pricier side.

Panama Home Realty

  • This website has a minimum 45-day stay for its short-term rentals. Honestly, if you are able to stay longer in Panama, you should! The video and photos on this website will make you want to stay at all the places. Reading The Keys to the Best Places to Live in Panama City, Panama: Your Ultimate Guide to help decide which neighborhoods you would like to stay in. 

Alquiler Apartmentos Panama

  • This company is more traditional and mostly runs its business on Instagram and WhatsApp. Although they mostly advertise prices for longer-term rentals, they have plenty of rentals available for short-term stays as well. Don’t be afraid to negotiate.

  •  I have to admit, I’ve only recently started using I enjoy the payment options and the variety of hotels and home rentals available through this app. The discounts are also a plus. If you haven’t started using to find your short-term rental in Panama, you’re missing out.


  • This is the go-to option for most travelers. It’s also an option for long-term stays. If you really enjoy a place and want to stay longer, talk to the host and see if there is availability to book a longer stay.

Finding great furnished short-term rentals for a range of budgets is a challenge. Another tip is ask in Panama Travel groups anyone sub-leasing their apartments; Facebook communities when traveling are gold mines of resources.

Living the soft life and finding a place in Panama has just become easier for Gen Z, Millennials, and everyone else. Sleeping in a comfortable and safe place is essential to enjoy your vacation or your life in a different location. Once you find a place, the next step is finding a community to plug into. Check out Groups to Help You Build Community in Panama City.

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