Groups to Help You Build Community in Panama City, Panama

Moving abroad can be very intimidating, and finding a community can take a while if you don’t know where to search or are a little more introverted. Lucky for you, you are reading this here blog that is going to help guide you to finding young or young at heart groups in Panama City. 

If you know me personally, or feel like you know me then you know one of my favorite phrases is “Get in where you fit in.” Finding community anywhere can be difficult but I hope this list allows for you to find communities that make you feel welcomed and loved in Panama. 

Photo taken by Lawrence Wilder

Afro-based groups

  1. Young Black Expats of Panama 
  2. Black Woman in Panama 
  3. Black Queers in Panama 
  4. Black Expats in Panama  
  5. Black Men in Panama 
  6. Black Expats with Kids

Women based groups 

  1. Black Women in Panama 
  2. Girls Gone International Panama City 
  3. Women in Panama 

Regular groups 

  1. Young Expats of Panama
    1. Instagram Panamigos 
  2. Americans Living in Panama 
  3. Panama City Expats 

While there are many more groups in Panama, these groups have been the most helpful in my personal journey or others while living in Panama City. 

As Always Thank You for Reading My World, My Vision, My Adventure! 

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