Dating In Panama City, Panama Be Like….

Where are the hot ass men/women at?

In Rio Abajo. Photographer, Lawrence Wilder

This blog might end up being a cry-out or begging for more black men expats to move to Panama. Maybe a combo of begging and crying ha. 

Honestly, dating in Panama is probably similar to where you live. 

You have some guys who honestly just suck…. But that is everywhere.

For the expat, community dating is a struggle! 

Why you may ask? 

Language barriers.

Lack of cute men and women. 

Panamanians aren´t that cute. Sorry, not Sorry.

They are prostitutes and just want some money.  

Sidenote: it’s legal here, which in my opinion is safer. 

But for black expats looking for an afro-descendant person…

Well, these melanated English-speaking humans are few and far between. 

If you are interested in Afro-descendant men, here is what you might get at the current moment in Panama. 

The Afro-Panamanian suave guy… but his English/French, etc, and your Spanish skills are at the same level. 

Non-existent ha.

If you want that challenge, more power to you! 

Then you have the Caribbean men. Who honestly are fun and a hot mess.  

Then you have the visitors.

Who will be gone in a few days or weeks.

How do you meet men or women in 2022??

Well duh, a dating app of course ha. This way you can find out beforehand if they speak English or French or Patois or all the above.

In my case, I needed to find out if they spoke English. 

Panama’s most used dating apps


I think at this point we all know the name Tinder. Tinder is for hook-ups, friends, and some long-lasting relationships. 

I´ve been using Tinder on and off since 2015 so it’s a platform I am used to. 

I know how to filter out the crappy guys, and weirdos most of the time. However, I don’t usually match with those types of men. Most of the guys I attract in my life are, for the most part, good men. Who treats me with respect and all that. I´ve gotten the majority of my dates from Tinder. 


This is the second most popular dating app in Panama. Bumble is a step up from Tinder in quality and lifestyle of the people. I haven’t had much success on this platform, but I’m pretty new to it as well. One of my friends has gotten quite a few dates through bumble. 

In-person….the old school way 

You can also meet people in person.

But how as an expat? 

I think the best way is to find expat communities. Panama has quite a few. 

I´ll make a list of all the expat communities and Facebook groups that I know about in a future post. 

Looking for our Afro-brothers. 

Panama has plenty of Afro-Panamanian men, but here are the issues for us Black expats. 

Many don’t live in the city. 

They don´t speak English. 

I promise we are working on becoming fluent in Spanish. 

Their socio-economic status is low. 

For some women might not be an issue, but for others, it might be.  

We just don´t run in the same circles. 

Or simply, they ain’t looking for a black woman. 

Queue the begging and crying…..

Dear Black men from all over the world, 

There are plenty of single black women of all ages ready for a fun, intelligent, self-sufficient, and good-looking man to enjoy Panama with. 

So get out of your comfort zones, and please move to Panama City, Pamana. 

Signed your Afro-Sista, 

On behalf of all single black women in Panama. 

As Always Thank You for Reading My World, My Vision, My Adventure! 

Don’t forget to Subscribe, Follow, and Like my Facebook and Instagram pages. Until next time Peace and Hair Grease!

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