My Adventure, My Vision, My World

Hi, I’m Biola!

I am happy you decided to explore a little more about me. Well, I haven’t written any books, or won any awards or Grammys for my writing, yet! So I’m pretty much like you. I’m a new EFL Teacher (English of Foreign Language) by day and at night well, I’m Catwoman.

Ha! I’m just kidding, I’m watching Netflix, tutoring, hanging out with my friends, or having fun with my afro-community in Panama called YBEP (Young Black Expats of Panama). So, not much tea to spill about me except my love for afro-communities, freedom, and new things. Hopefully, you are like me in that way.

Here, you will follow my journey through the island of New Zealand, the paradise of Panama, and more. Experiencing all the adventures, and struggles of adjusting to new cultures, languages, and people. 

Ultimately, the most important thing about me is community, specifically the afro-decent community. A Ghanian- Nija gal who is finding and building afro-communities wherever my life resides.

Click “More About Me” to learn more about me, my mission, and my purpose.

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