3 Must-Go Non-Casco Viejo Rooftops in Panama City, Panama

Living in Panama I have been spoiled by rooftops, warm weather, DJs, and tasty food. Panama City has spectacular rooftop views. Who doesn’t love good vibes that overlook the ocean or a picturesque skyline? 

These 3 non-Casco Viejo rooftops are great places for an experience away from the tourists. 

Something that is different in Panama and maybe in Latin America in general. When it comes to restaurants, especially on the weekends they hire DJs to play music. This is very pleasant, so your dining experience might be different each time you go. Which can be positive or negative depending on the DJ. 


If you really enjoy a DJ and you plan to be in Panama City for a few months or a few years, ask for their IG. 

Here in Panama City there isn’t really a bar or club or even restaurant where they have a specific vibe or type of music. It usually changes based on DJs or they will have a particular night for a certain type of music. Currently, I know Selina Rooftop in Casco Viejo on Wednesday is Latin Music night. So put on your dancing shoes and dance the night away. 

Most of the rooftops are located in the old city of Casco Viejo. However, there are 3 rooftops and a bonus rooftop restaurant that I will mention. Located outside of Casco Viejo, these restaurants offer tasty food and more importantly, a beautiful view of the city. 


Panamá City restaurants like reservations. Many of these restaurants or others you find within the city require reservations. 

I tend to avoid touristy areas when I travel to new places because everything is more expensive, less convenient, and crowded. I like to get to know a city through the local experience and not the touristy one. 

Furthermore, it means lower prices. 

What type of traveler are you? Do you like areas that are more catered to visitors or venturing out to see the locals? 

I think a mix of both is ideal. 

Eolian Rooftop & BBQ

Photo credit Lawerence Wilder

If you like delicious BBQ, Eolian is a top-rated BBQ restaurant with 2 locations in Panama City. 

However, it’s not my favorite barbecue place in Panama City. My favorite is Onde EL Gringo BBQ. OOO so good!

When I want delicious brisket and a gorgeous rooftop and view I head over to 1 of the 2 Eolian locations.

The first location is right off Avenida Balboa. Where you can overlook the city and the ocean. 

The second is near Alta Plaza, which is more central to the city. This location will be packed with locals eating and hanging out with friends and family. At this location, you can view the city skyline from a distance. 

The staff here have been super kind any time I’ve been here, and their drinks be hittin. Not to mention they have a hookah here too. 

Can we say a whole vibe! 

Their prices range currently from $12-$60. 

Terrat Rooftop and Bar

Photo credit Lawerence Wilder

This restaurant is a new addition to the San Francisco area, but it is flourishing. They are doing very well! I showed up on a random Tuesday and the place was packed. 

The interior designer for this location did an excellent job. It is a beautiful color scheme of yellows and greens. As soon as you walk into the restaurant, you have a swing. You are surrounded by views of the city and above is the gorgeous night sky. 

So the food here is tapas style. If you don’t know what tapas means it means small plates. This place is all about presentation and aesthetics. While the food is delicious, the portion sizes are small. 

Photo credit Lawrence Wilder
Coco Loko dessert at Terrat

However, a must-try is the Tres Leche (Coco Loko) dessert here. You should just start with it and have dinner later. 

For this restaurant, I would recommend drinks, appetizers, and desserts. Not so much for dinner. 

If you plan to go from Thursday through Saturday, you need to make a reservation. 

Their prices range currently from $9-$30 

Luna Rooftop and Bar

Photo credit Lawerence Wilder

This location is my favorite rooftop and I believe it’s the highest rooftop in the city. The rooftop touches the moon, okay not really. This rooftop is located in the Obarrio area. When you arrive you might be confused the first time because it’s connected to residential apartments. 

However, once security points you to the right area you will be amazed by the views of Luna. On a full moon night, it looks like you can touch the moon. It’s beautiful on this rooftop. The food and drinks are terrific, and they are working to have more English-speaking servers as well. 

I like this place because they have a charcuterie (I mean a charcoochie) board here. While I’m not a huge fan of some of the cured meat, everything else was delicious! 

Their prices range currently from $11-$35

Bonus Rooftop Restaurant 


This restaurant is located in the Punta Paitilla area of Panama. This restaurant is located in Sunset Plaza and is a tad confusing to get to. I suggest watching their video on their IG page which shows you how to enter the restaurant. This place has the feel of an upscale jungle. 

The hamburgers here and the mac-n-cheese bowl are really delicious. The sangrias here were also tasty. They had a drink special the last time I was there. Definitely check all restaurant Instagram accounts to see if they have any specials during your visit. 

This restaurant terrace converts to a rooftop once they pull the roof down and you can see the open sky above. Panama nights are amazing and Panama summer nights (mid-Dec-mid March) are lovely because it is more breezy. 

Their prices range currently from $10-$45


Branch out of the tourist trap of Casco Viejo and explore these restaurants that are lovely places to visit solo or with friends. Panama has many amazing restaurants to explore but rooftop restaurants make eating more special. 

Comment below with your experience at these restaurants if you decide to try them. Also, let me know if you have other non-Casco Viejo rooftops you enjoy with stunning views of the city.

As Always Thank You for Reading My World, My Vision, My Adventure! 

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