Content with Me because of God

After just dancing around in my dorm room smiling and having no rhythm to dogs days are over and rather be. I realized how content and happy God has made me in my life. I’m only 20 and I can self-sooth myself. I don’t need drugs, sex or a man in my life to make me happy. God has brought me along way and has real matured me in a way where I can go do thing by myself and be perfectly fine. It might be the only child in me or the fact I don’t have many friends. But I’m really glad that if dancing in my room like white girl with no rhythm brings a smile to my face. I will do it! God is my love and joy and he takes and is taking care of me and mom so well I love him on the good days and the bad. Thanks God for being more than a man. Im a gods girl and I need a man who loves God just as much or more than I do (not possible) 🙂

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